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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, logos, names and images used in commerce. Whereas Intellectual property is legally protected by rights, such as patents, copyrights and trademarks that enable people to gain recognition or financial benefit from their innovation or invention. Through establishing a proper balance between the interests of innovators and those of the general public ,the intellectual property system aims to provide an environment conducive to flourishing the creativity and innovation.

We, the Mutaaheb platform affiliated with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, pledge to abide by the principles of intellectual property rights, copyrights, and all applicable laws and regulations in the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection, and we undertake and acknowledge to preserve the rights of the platform’s users and beneficiaries. Therefore, it is prohibited, in any case, to do the following:

Copying, re-creating, republishing, downloading, sending, transmitting, making available, selling the platform content, or using any information storage and retrieval system for the aforementioned purposes, excluding the personal use authorized by Saudi Red Crescent Authority. It is necessary to obtain a prior written consent from Mutaaheb and Saudi Red Crescent Authority if it is intended to use the content for any other purpose. We note that any violation of the previous rights or use of the content of the platform for commercial purposes or any use other than what was outlined above without obtaining written permit shall make its violator, whether a person or an entity, held legal liability in accordance with applicable Saudi regulations.

Intellectual property rights in the Mutaaheb platform:

  • The Mutaaheb platform owns the rights to use the electronic content that it prepared and published on its official websites.
  • We, Mutaaheb System, are committed to respect the intellectual property rights when designing and preparing training courses on the platforms and our accounts on social networking sites, such as pictures, promotional brochures and other published materials.
  • The trainer shall abide by the property rights of the center’s content and use it for the center purposes only, whilst the center shall not be responsible for any other uses.
  • The trainer shall adhere to intellectual property rights when writing the course content since he is obligated to mention all references and sources used in writing the course content.
  • In case of using open content, he must mention its source.
  • In Mutaaheb platform, we are working on providing the copyright protection system and its application regulations.
  • The trainer shall held the legal liability for using content that is not considered intellectual property of the center.
  • The trainer acknowledges that all courses uploaded to the platform are managed by the Mutaaheb System so that the center could utilize them in the development or training purposes.
  • Both the trainer and the trainee are obligated to fully preserve the login information of the educational platform and not to disclose it to another person, as it is for his personal use only.

Copyright available by the Mutaaheb platform:

  • We, at the "Mutaaheb" platform, are committed to intellectual property rights at the time of publication.
  • Any content that exposes persons or organizations or is presented in an inappropriate manner shall be prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to post or cite a content that is protected by copyrights due to its breaching without obtaining a permit or consent in this regard.
  • It is prohibited to publish any content that contradicts the teachings of Islam or the general morals of society, and everything that affects the national unity (i.e. racial, sectarian, tribal, etc.) content.

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